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What is NCCO?

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NCCO is an innovative technology invented by members of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program. It has been well recognized by the Hong Kong government and the public sector and is a revolutionary air purification technology that will change the world.

In comparison to other air purification technologies such as activated charcoal, UV light and electrostatic precipitator, NCCO is more efficient in removing pollutants. For example, activated charcoal can only absorb but not decompose pollutants, and can only last for a short period of time (usually three months) without replacement. Once the carbon filter is saturated, the pollutants absorbed will be released to the air causing “second pollution”, which can cause great harm to health.

On the other hand, NCCO can absorb and decompose pollutants continuously by combining Active Oxygen and High grade synthetic zeolite, and the technology can last for up to 12 years in laboratory environment . NCCO has solved a range of air pollution issues in different sectors including commercial, industrial, retail and motor etc. In addition, it can resolve indoor and outdoor air quality problem including pollution caused by PM2.5, PM10, VOCs and formaldehyde. Being able to remove the root sources of pollutants, NCCO acts as an excellent deodorant. Being a proven concept with these capabilities, NCCO is playing an important role in air purification technology development.




The catalytic material is a non-poisonous, recyclable mineral material with well-defined nano tunnel


A granule of catalytic material with 0.4 cm in diameter has around 400 feet of adsorption tunnel


The nano tunnel contains a mass of transition metals 


Active oxygen generated from system can oxidize air pollutants into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

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5 Stages Air Purification

Regeneration | Health | Trust 

Stage I

Captures; Dust particles, hair and pets dander

Stage II
Static filter

Captures; Fine negatively charged particles

Stage III
Active Oxygen Generator

Neutralizes; Allergens, fungi bacteria and Viruses. Enhances decomposition of VOCs

Stage IV
HEPA filter

Captures; Pollen, allergens, fungi, bacteria, viruses and PM2.5 particles

Stage V
NCCO Reactor

Removes gaseous odours. Decomposes; VOCs and Formaldehyde. System regenerates automatically

Filter system
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b-MOLA trademark R 1600.png

b-MOLA Air Purifier - Comes from Hong Kong. The brand takes meaning from MOLA Fish, which can secrete a special substance to purify the surrounding environment and cure ambient fishes’ disease. b-MOLA hopes people can breath the freshest air like MOLA Fish.

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RHT Industrial Limited is a specialized environmental engineering firm established in 1998.

RHT has offered a professional and efficient advisory service of air purification and air treatment for Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong International Airport, DoubleTree by Hilton, HSBC, Philips, Oregon Scientific, Poly Group and other organizations and firms.

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RHT Home is brand focusing on bringing innovation technology to household.


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